* working   

on new prints

makingof2 makinfof





* new kids on instagram   








* we like   

our dear friend mieke willems in hui-hui

(photo by mieke)

mieke in hui-hui


* tokio showroom spring summer 2016   

* you three   

* california dreaming   








* flowers and cactus   

* MLV   

our dear friend marie remade her website.
go, have a look:




* in the picture   

* öh la la   

* skies are blue   

hui-hui is enjoying sunny summer-weather in paris.


* summer where are you?   

ready to celebrate midsummer nigth dreams
styling: kim peers, photography: zeb daemen, hair& make-up: sigrid volders, fabric: hui-hui

now in.


* street view antwerp   


* window shopping   

this week we created a window for the berlin based shop “konk”

some preparations:                                                                                                                                     and the kindergarten window next door:


* showroom impressions   

* showroom time   

we started our showroom yesterday.
it´s lovely to be in paris again!

showroom installation


* from berlin to tokyo   

in the current issue of  sleek magazine you can find fashion-blogger jessi from www.les-mads.de with her hui-hui scarf,
as well as our agents shop “wut-berlin” in tokyo. from him we got the japanese magazine “professional” with a hui-hui dressed cover-girl.


* Opening at Fitting Forward   

this monday there’s the opening of the Hamburg based concept store fitting forward where hui-hui is going to sell!

the shop is a shiny black box, with every two months a new collection according to a theme…..

the box was built by the great artist and good friend of us arne klaskala! everything he makes is big and black.
have a look


* countdown   

we had a though week getting everything finished for the shipping.

next week the new collection will be presented at rooms in tokyo.


* photoshoot new collection   

Today we will finish with the pictures for the new lookbook.

we had three models come over to the studio.

matine, lena and anna -maria.

florian de bruen our  favorite photographer did some really nice things again.