* have you lit all your candles already?   

* thinking of   

this beautiful work.
in front: make-up and hair by sigrid volders
behind: scarves by hui-hui



* we like   

our dear friend mieke willems in hui-hui

(photo by mieke)

mieke in hui-hui


* tokio showroom spring summer 2016   

* you three   

* “HANNI” winter 2015/16   

* autumn comes   

* perfect day   

the good news from the woods.
we celebrate with imperial pastry from portugal, jasmine and eucalyptus from christine and paintings by quinten ingelaere at caps.



* hit the mark   

with ´der pfeil magazin´ !
on monday was the release party of the second issue. katharina was invited to
make an installation for the event. great evening thanks to the dazzling anja dietmann.
more about the content soon.

der pfeil06der pfeil02

der pfeil01

der pfeil03


* sunset   

Josh Smith at STANDARD (OSLO)

Josh smith exhibition in oslo











* do more research   

is what they often said in the academy! it kind of stuck, so thats really how we start.
hitting the books, collecting scraps from magazines and newspapers. finding things that trigger
the imagination again. started with an assemblage of  three books.
oh spring on ,spring hui-huialmut heise,flyer hui-hui


n.araki, hui-hui n. araki, hui-hui nel aerts, op uitkijk, hui-huinel aerts, voetbeeld, hui-hui

top: master of patterns and portraits, almut heise, portraits, galerie christian zwang.
black and white: beautiful but hartbreaking diary by nobuyoshi araki.
recycled colours and a fresh sea breeze: nel aerts, de averechtse val.


* a braid   



* MLV   

our dear friend marie remade her website.
go, have a look:




* sunshine forever   

because antwerp´s infamous atelier solarshop is not temporary anymore!
pass by, spread the word and buy all the beauties you can find there.

otark served delicious cocktails and homemade icreams. pottery on picture two is by
hui-hui katharina, you can find clothing by jan-jan van essche as well as our scarfs ,
a multiple by kati heck and a lot more for living and liking.



* spring who?   

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?







* allez-y…   

to the azzedine alaïa exhibition at the groninger museum, the netherlands.
teaching you what a taille is!
but also amazing textiles, knitwork, finishings.
he is not fearing alligators, preferred the animal prints though.

and once you´re there, visit the studio job show as well. its so chunky!







* the birds and the trees   

mail from switzerland and hong kong, filled up with some more – not only- ornithologically
interesting images.

thank you so much arienne and hortense!


* don´t be square   

* world wide wonderland   

at antwerp fashion museum walter van beirendonck has his first retrospective.
and herewith we bow to the grandmaster of techno-fairytale- fashion and his
huge and very consistent œuvre.
great to see even if you don´t agree with his style.

illustrations by johanna hui


* into the woods   

with dirty feet.
went to the opening ´zwarte voeten´of belgium photographer michèle matyn in base alpha gallery.
magnified polaroid pictures of obscure landscapes and mysterious objects, got introduced
by a musician in disguise on a huge pile of fresh straw: miaux.

would you, as a photographer, feel very stepped on your feet if someone posts very bad
photos of your very good work? anyways it is still enough to get an impression, better though….


* street view antwerp   


* window shopping   

this week we created a window for the berlin based shop “konk”

some preparations:                                                                                                                                     and the kindergarten window next door:


* show your colours   

with the new year fashion- designer  narelle dore started  the blog
coated arms, featuring one colour every month. various contributors
assure a big diversity in content and aesthetics. it will be a beautiful
archive when the year is passed.

from : january, colourcategory: white


* we are done with the winter   

of 2012!
last week we finished the new collection.
it is a little early to show how it looks like, but we can
unveil already some of the inspiration and working process. the first chance  to have a look at the collection will be in tokyo at wut berlin showroom mid of february.


* recommended   

visit at belgiums countryside art establishments…

all works above by dennis tyfus for his soloshow at be-part in waregem.

very much appreciated when he goes more into painting, beautiful even if you know that they are supposed to be painted

with his spit. this is only a small part of what there is to see and hear. liked the video with the floating hippies as well.

go see, buy the record, by the book!

above and below seen at groupshow at netwerk aalst:

rafa the magician.

´aktionen im universum´ inspiring film by  david bestué and marc vives, for the rest magic tricks, op art and mysterious snacks.


* seen lately   

top: hui-hui chinabone scarf at the fader , like the photograph!

then some images from the last gallery- openings in antwerp: ruth van haren norman, danny rolph, joris ghekiere ,

dirk van der eecken, comes together so nicely, reminds us a little on paul klee and matches with a sketch for a cd cover we

are working on at the moment.


* its tapped!   

o´zapft is, the barrel at the oktoberfest in münchen, to celebrate that and the artist

of this impressive and contemporary maytree..

hank schmidt in der beek. here with anne and katharina at his exhibition last month in the kunstverein hamburg.

we are  late to post this, since the exhibition is already over  but you can still see hanks paintings

at niklas schechinger fine arts in hamburg.

above some of his collages and one of  his verses,( mhh, he is a poet as well).

very witty, über- full of references, ironic and aesthetic work. go see!


* an island in the city   

is wilhelmsburg , a workingclass district in hamburg and maybe the upcoming williamsburg of the city. last week we went there to see the ´recreation´ part – the  art-part, of the dockville festival which starts this week and visited the summer- party of wcw- gallery there as well.

brad downey´s wall  tending upwards and poltergeist sound- wall by tim vets and erki de vries.

artist erki de vries happy at ´recreation opening, tim kaiser showing his logo of the festival on cotton-shopper.

summer drink at wcw gallery: pimms bowle

fun at funky concert of christian naujorks.

inside the gallery and hui-hui and friends outside .


* cn   

on sunday was an opening at the new dependance of german gallerist christian nagel in antwerp.

not on photo: painted with his tongue: dennis tyfus, xavier marie soundscape installation, mirrow frames

by carla arocha and stéphane schraenen and vacuum- cleaner- pink pudel by vaast colson.

below and through glass: hui-hui friend daniel dos santos´ works.

performance by cédric stevens in xavier marie rocks, more floating than rocking.


* when it rains   

… watching ´my- so – called – life´ . the 90ties make us feel at home in a way.

so many flowered dresses and chequered shirts, great style in our humble opinion

and the dark voice of claire danes is schmoozing our

hearts just as much as jared leto does.


* the colour purple   

this was something we still wanted to show.

the first pages of the the catalogue of ´a  specter from the land of if ´

by outlandish photography. beautiful.

more of our visual hunger was satisfied at the opening of the exhibition ´internationale kunst aus der sammlung reininghaus, köln´at the ´collection falckenberg´in the south of hamburg.

we saw there more colours from wolfgang tillmans:

colours and structures by clay ketter

and an overkill of motion, screens ans images by jon kessler


* outlandish   

is a platform for young photographers. current exhibition

´a specter from the land of if ´ just opened last week at the gallery of the antwerp  foto-museum.

in fact the show is less than half of the project. to understand the apparant randomly presented

works, you should have a look at the catalogue where each photographer presents a selection

of pictures from the huge archive of the  museum. Those images mark the startingpoint for

each of the contributers search of  a new subject.

mhh magic michèle matyns series of poster- sized polaroids:

funny, very him and a selfportret in disguise the work of frederik heyman:

contributing also:  sarah gerats, fien muller,  sarah van marcke, simon vansnick.


* collecting   

tiled floor in summercastle, belgium, paintings from katharina trudzinski and the prey of benjamin verdonck

presented at m hka , antwerp.