* autumn at otark   

they are still cooking every monday at the roscam in antwerp as the otark cantina.

this time it was a venetian menu with lots of earthy flavours and a real

harvest feeling.

starter: melanzani spread seasoned with parsley and garlic, bread

main: polenta, mixed mushrooms, red- beet salat, green salat with fresh herbs, baked andive and fontina cheese

dessert: pannetone with cinnamon, cream yoghurt and confit d´oranges

came hungry and left happy.


* petit déjeuner   

today together with mikio sakabe we had a small presentation of the new collection in paris.

we prepared a breakfast with mini viennoiserie, some fruit, juice coffee and tea.

monoprix was playing live accompanied by our scarfs.

model samira

samira: trousers and top hui-hui, jacket mikio sakabe,

anne: dress hui-hui blazer mikio sakabe

katharina: dress  hui-hui


* paris   

ah, c´est bon a paris….


* blueberry salat   

today we had a berry salat with bagel, creamcheese and brebis.

summer is so satisfying.


* quadrangles   

alma our new intern is busy with squares.

she is an allrounder :

alma can cook as well as sew
yesterday she made lunch: maultaschen with roquette salat, cherry tomatoes, bacon, and sour cream.


* curry   

todays lunch:
green curry with chard plant.

and for desert:
ice cream and back to knit-production.


* want to know what goes in   

to get hui-hui out?

we like good food and we love to cook.

it has not got to be something complicated. often the

most simple dishes taste the best. we documented some days of the hui-hui

kitchen and will continue so under the new blog- category : hungry