* St Nicholas   


* best: berlin   

poor but sexy well, maybe a little too cold to be hot, this time, but we did enjoy the
strechted weekend there.
allways great to get back together before the tough time of the deadlines starts.

we would love to give a glimpse on the design-process, but that secret we´ll keep until next.
so here some shots of our other pleasures.




* weekend was sweet   

eating out at ra kitchen, villa villekula´s soviet -union edition by helena lumelsky and anna kushnerova.
and little gifts by veronique!


* baking and making   

with the ladies.

enjoying weekend tutorials for baking loes´wonderful-vegan-lemon tarteletts and crochet-triangling
for the beautifier.


* oh otark…   

and best breakfast ever by klara a.a.

a big jar of hadas and charlottes homemade quince jelly, kitchensnaps and sweet whole rice with strawberries, banana-jam,
nuts and seeds.hello happiness!



* paris in the shot   



1        showroom yard
2+3   pelican avenue
4+5   delicious japanese food by saki
6        narelles happy hour
7        presentation by helena lumelsky



* soft summer humming   

are we at the moment.not only because the sun is shining shyly- also because we are in the hot-phase for the summer-collection 2013…exiting!!


and next to work berries keep us amused.


* hänsel and knödel   


hui-hui was celebrating a fantastic knödel-party in the ra store.
it was fun!

mika in the kitchen


to drink: bubble-colada or long-island-bubble-tea


* wintermins   

trying to eat healthy while the weather is nasty…














well, yes.. trying


* eye candy   

picture 1 : 17 stefanie schneider

picture 3: gem sessions,by sayaka yamamoto

picture 6:house of matching colours

picture 7: myrza de muynck

all except image 1 found at ra showroom


* autmn appetite   

this seasons delights.

mushroomcake found at miss moss, more rabbits ( only the brown ones)


* a bite of beirendonck   

saved from the opening of ´dream the world awake´an exhibition about the work
of  walter van beirendonck at antwerp momu.
delicious cookie, more about the show later…


* homestory   

yesterday evening at annes place:
dinner for four, a baby and some cats.


* baking cake   

strawberry-pie with dark chocolate bottom and buckwheat dough and one with apples,
raisins, seasalt and a dough with rye and buckwheat.
the daisies are christallized with sugar and
lemon-juice,birthday present from anne and marie, more than eadible.


* green, red and yellow   

colorful cooking at hui-hui´s


* bon anniversaire   

this morning we celebrated annes birthday at “cafe paris” in hamburg.

flowers for anne

cafe paris

all the best for you, anne!!


* salade niçoise   

Katharina made a french salad for us, pretty complete with cornichons, anchovis, tuna, eggs

green beans, potatoes, tomatoes, fresh herbs, red onion and a lobster soup.

Probably the best cook of us three.


* new hui-hui scarf?   

not quite…it´s an ornamental breakfast table by artist holger pohl.


* homemade burgers   

felt like fastfood and this is what came out:

beefburger (hiding under the tomatoes) on baguette integral ,fried onions, tomato,italian cheese

seasoned with fresh pepper, tabasco, mostard, ketchup, lime.

salat from rucola and spinace.


* sweet treats   

paris, belleville.

breakfast at the café next door with some sweets.