* celebration!   

today its the birthday of hui-hui model and assistant martine.

happy birthday, thanks for everything, martine and great

having you with us.

her presents: a strawberry cake and lots of snow.

happy birthday, hui-hui dec.2009




its so much fun to watch two skinny ones in white pyjamas who try to make sense out of pile of rubbisch.

on saturday we went to the video exhibition of frederik heyman and dieter deswarte.  we were happy to meet dieter again,

he moved to london some time ago. check the video   www.frederikheyman.com


dieter deswarte, filmmaker ( good luck for the competition next weekend!!)


frederik heyman, actually he just stopped smoking.IMG_4754a good choice for the opening night: antwerp based band baalbaard . later more


* outside, various places   

* florian de bruen   

florian did nearly all our photoshoots,

this are some of his free works and you find more on his website.



clever pictures from a bright person, thank you flo.


* daniel sannwald   

our dear friend, photographer daniel sannwald
is not only taking amazing pictures which are allways
surprisingly different from one shoot to the other-
and still wear his signature somehow,
since last month he also writes his own blog at http://www.danielsannwald.blogspot.com/


daniel taking a picture, model kim peers, styling/ paint by johanna hui-hui

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* pink caramel and shades of black   

not the egyptian, its just plain-vanilla the combination of the initials of founders

anna kushnerova en romain brau .

until now two floors with designers from ann sophie back to yuima nakazato, next to yuima they feature several antwerp

students so as akira naka, mikio sakabe and heaven tanudiredja visit the website at: http://www.ra13.be/

also: restaurant/café, music, exhibitions, bookshop.

all interieurs with an arty , raw, selfmade dimension.

my favorite is the lifesize smurf-house with superthick reed-roof.

take the camera next time.


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* christian wijnants   

beautiful collection, smart presentation and the
kindest designer of antwerp.



photo: martine eshuis


photo: martine eshuis

merel in a dalmation-print dress, anne´s favorite dress, furry silkscarf


* arielle de pinto   

canadian jewellery designer.
handicraft metalcrochet. oh and the lookbook is great.

DSC03766DSC03769Photo 754Photo 753


* mikio sakabe   

this was one of the best things at the showroom in paris,
mikio sakabe´s collection and having the designers mikio and jenfang around !!

the collection build up around the grungy heavymetal look of the nineties.
i ordered a metalprint- longsleeves-nightgownish- dress. can´t wait.and anne wants the sweater with the knitted hearts.

Photo 757Photo 759

jenfang and johanna in mikio sakabe patchwork- t-shirts.
see: www.mikiosakabe.com/collections.html


* fashionperformance pelican avenue   

some days ago we saw alex murray-leslie from chicks on speed and krööt jurak performing
for  pelican avenue. the designer caroline lerch is based in antwerp, beautiful spring summer collection!
she makes also amazing video works which you can see on her website: www.pelicanavenue.com
the performance in the rue beauce was the first scene, the second will take place in tokyo soon.

IMG_4652_2 IMG_4639_2


* also in our showroom: ek thongprasert   

ek graduated in antwerp as well. he is presenting a mens collection and amazing jewellery.

DSC03804 DSC03806 DSC03797

here he shows his favorite t-shirt. (it is not obama!) it writes: breaking news
we love the collection, especially the colours.


* oishi! chirashi sushi   

this is one of the favorites of Johanna,chirashi sushi
This was in the marais, where they have about two japanese restaurants per street.
But the nicest we went until now was close to the metro opera. tama- sushi 19 rue dántin 75002 paris
Here is their businescard.Photo 742


* Painting for the personalinvitations   

* Ben brought a dozen dunking donuts   

looks better than it tastes and one of Katharinas early
textile patternsdonutsearly print katha


* Hui-Hui Beach   

* Hui-Hui in Japan   

* Hui-Hui in Japan   

* Hui-Hui in Japan   

* Hui-Hui in Japan   


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* Dioe Festival, Daniel Wang Pudel Club