* jungle city   

* contemporary fashion days   

it´s time again! your chance to find some nice-priced new favourites at the
antwerp designer days. pelican avenue and hui-hui sell here until saturday:
06.11- 09.11.2013
everdijstraat 20 (oudaan) antwerpen, from 11h to 18:30h




* restore   

From November 1 to 24 at westwood boulevard L.A.

and many more

pyramideiko 2hui-weltenbuergerhui-huirainbow








iko iko pottery


* L.A. tonight   

hui-hui will open a pop-up store tonight at artsrestore westwood by the hammer-museum .
we have some special edition scarf-tuniques on sale and a marvelous
display/installation by Katharina!

friday, november 1st, 1028 westwood, los angeles, california      5-8pm


* hit the mark   

with ´der pfeil magazin´ !
on monday was the release party of the second issue. katharina was invited to
make an installation for the event. great evening thanks to the dazzling anja dietmann.
more about the content soon.

der pfeil06der pfeil02

der pfeil01

der pfeil03


* off to paris   





Dear Friends,

Let´s get together on  Sunday September 29th, 19-21pm,

to have a look at our collection for spring/ summer 2014.

 von sono will launch her first perfume ´higher power´

please pass by for a chat and a drink!


looking forward to see you!

Anne, Katharina and Johanna

adress: gallery Artligue, rue 9 des Arquebusiers  75003 Paris












* pretty press   

from berlins best OE-mag, blond and austrian´s medium for all your questions: faq



* sunset   

Josh Smith at STANDARD (OSLO)

Josh smith exhibition in oslo











* and the moon   



* the sun   

with andy, theresa and nina wearing the hui-hui hurray collection


* flowers and cactus   

* imagine   

new series of small format paintings by our  collegue and artist katharina trudzinski.
all pictures from the exhibition ´imagine´at remise möllenhoffstrasse in berlin.
sometimes beauty lies just within.

0000-Imagine, katharina trudzinski

katharina imaginekkatharina truszinski imaginekatharina trudzinski


* get yours   

cheaper : next week in antwerp at the contemporary fashiondays, which is a long word for
what can be a long queue.
we take part as well, in a last minute action, thanks to christian wijnants and fabulous Luz Nabu.

anywhere you are with the brand-new online store for  reason and beauty by atelier-solarshop.
all photos by mieke

flyerA5wallet at atelier solarshophui scarf at atelier solarshop














serve me at atelier solarshop

cups by katha




* vitamins   

we know he´ll spring soon, but before the most hopeful season really  arrives we
take some fruits as materialized sunshine.

frida kahlo watermelons, lemons by dido fontana, others 80 ties advertising.fruits hui-hui 2


* do more research   

is what they often said in the academy! it kind of stuck, so thats really how we start.
hitting the books, collecting scraps from magazines and newspapers. finding things that trigger
the imagination again. started with an assemblage of  three books.
oh spring on ,spring hui-huialmut heise,flyer hui-hui


n.araki, hui-hui n. araki, hui-hui nel aerts, op uitkijk, hui-huinel aerts, voetbeeld, hui-hui

top: master of patterns and portraits, almut heise, portraits, galerie christian zwang.
black and white: beautiful but hartbreaking diary by nobuyoshi araki.
recycled colours and a fresh sea breeze: nel aerts, de averechtse val.


* happy hui´s   

we are! from our scarf-winner Anna, we got a thank-you gift in return. thank you so much and
enjoy your foulard, Anna!


* press   

japanese actress riisa naka is wearing hui-butterfly blouson in teen vogue japan.
more floral prints at the moment in the momu in antwerp.

riisa naka in hui-hui


* hui and kwin waiting for spring   

..while the snow is silently falling.
shop via kwin.





hui+kwin3hui+kwin 2



* a braid   



* if you come to paris   

don´t miss the eiffel tower!