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beautiful collection, smart presentation and the
kindest designer of antwerp.
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photo: martine eshuis

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photo: martine eshuis

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merel in a dalmation-print dress, anne´s favorite dress, furry silkscarf
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if you are in berlin this weekend, go and say hello to the
great kaspuhl,here is his website Buy Xanax Nyc


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canadian jewellery designer.
handicraft metalcrochet. oh and the lookbook is great.
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this was one of the best things at the showroom in paris,
mikio sakabe´s collection and having the designers mikio and jenfang around !!

the collection build up around the grungy heavymetal look of the nineties.
i ordered a metalprint- longsleeves-nightgownish- dress. can´t wait.and anne wants the sweater with the knitted hearts.

Alprazolam Online OrderPhoto 759
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jenfang and johanna in mikio sakabe patchwork- t-shirts.
see: Xanax Order Uk


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juan graduated this summer at the antwerp academy  , he was also in our showroom , presenting his

final year collection.

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johanna in a blazer and a perfecto of his collection and the designer himself.Buy Discount Xanax

very nice textiles, look at the close- ups. kim peers was modelling for his photoshoot.

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this is for people who like weird photomontages and cats

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some days ago we saw alex murray-leslie from chicks on speed and krööt jurak performing
for  pelican avenue. the designer caroline lerch is based in antwerp, beautiful spring summer collection!
she makes also amazing video works which you can see on her website: Order Brand Name Xanax Online
the performance in the rue beauce was the first scene, the second will take place in tokyo soon.

Xanax Online Sweden IMG_4639_2
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anne hilken and christian kurt, yes, they are a couple- and have a collection together called anntian.

Buying Alprazolam In India Order Xanax From Canada Cheap Xanax Online

India Xanax Buythey wear their own collection and anne a margiela jacket on top.
we went to see their latest collection in the showroom at rue montmorenoy, close to the centre pompidou.
it looks great, nice handprints, big volumes and ingeniuos jewellery.
see it all at: Yellow Xanax Bars Online


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8 rue de la bretonnerie 75004 paris

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this is a great shop and fortunately in the same street as our showroom, we can pass by everyday.

they are constantly unpacking new old things. we bought about six different overalls, furry sweater, and glittertops.

i will post it later.


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ek graduated in antwerp as well. he is presenting a mens collection and amazing jewellery.

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here he shows his favorite t-shirt. (it is not obama!) it writes: breaking news
we love the collection, especially the colours.


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this is one of the favorites of Johanna,Xanax Online Cheap
This was in the marais, where they have about two japanese restaurants per street.
But the nicest we went until now was close to the metro opera. tama- sushi 19 rue dántin 75002 paris
Here is their businescard.Buy Alprazolam China


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Order Xanax Online In UsaXanax Brand Name OnlineBuying Xanax Online Cheap
we are in paris since last thursday to present the new collection.
this is our stand at the flanders fashion institute showroom. we stay in belleville in a cosy appartment ( thank you eva!), have croissants for breakfast and japanese for dinner.


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small shop for all the beautiful the small things around.
they have great oldschool-school-books, porcelain, handicraft, toys. best place in antwerp to buy presents for your friends. almoezenierstraat 28 , antwerp
http://miekewillems.blogspot.com/Steroids Xanax BuyXanax Order OvernightCan You Buy Xanax On Silk RoadXanax Order Online LegalCheap 2Mg Xanax Online


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models marie-louise and martine

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Hurry up to visit ATELIERSOLARSHOP at dambruggestraat 48 , 2060 Antwerp.temporary pop-up store selling garments, books, designitems. Love the knit jumper by Katrien van Hecke and one- size fits all sweaters by Jan-Jan van Essche. only open until 3rd of october.

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