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of Xanax Cheap.

last week we went to see her beautiful installation at exhibitionspace LLS387, lange leemstraat 387,antwerp.

mainly photowork but also film and 3D which form a well composed overview of

the artists recent work.

it seems to be all about colours but captured in daily life scenes in amongst others: india, france and  belgium,

telling also a lot about the impact of clothing for the vision of a  community.

Buy Cheap Xanax OnlineBuy Xanax Pills Online

it reminded us on one of our favourite books of inspiration:

Buy Xanax Nyc.

it is a little magic, depending on what project you are busy with,

you keep finding images you seem to haven´t seen before.

Alprazolam Order

Alprazolam Australia Online Generic Alprazolam Online


   Xanax From Canada Online

* Can You Get Prescribed Xanax Online   

elektrohaus neon friday, flyer: tim kaiser

arty party, lets go Buy Real Xanax!


   Buy Xanax Uk Online

* Non Generic Xanax Online   

today we got some pictures from photographerXanax Mastercard.

model: guillaume at Alprazolam Online Order and josefin at Cheap Alprazolam 2Mgagency.

styling: irina pascevic, featuring hui-hui items

scarf: julian collection, knit top and fringe scarf : icecream summer collection, fur top:a/w 2009/10 collection.


   Real Xanax Bars Online

* Xanax Order Uk   

anne and katharina were amazed by the breadmachine,

wondering if it was a piece of art in between all the galleries in antwerps south.

we asked andreas to make a little testrun.


   Brand Xanax Online

* Buy Xanax Mexico Online   

yesterday we had dinner at gringos cantina at the schelde.

great strawberry margaritas and fresh food. bigger portions than we could handle.

somehow we are allways to hungry when the dishes arrive to take a photo while it still looks good…

which it did, definitely.


   Buy Xanax 2Mg

* Buy Discount Xanax   

anne and katha are visiting.

time for  a production-meeting and of course-

we started with the new collection.

next to that we did trips to the thrift stores of the city, eating out,  savouring the spring

temperatures and visited the gallery openings.


   Prescription Xanax Online

* Cheapest Xanax Prices   

went to visit the friendly Order Cheap Xanax Onlinepeople.

up from now you can get served by them every monday evening at café de roscam.


   Buy Brand Name Xanax Online

* Xanax Buy Online India   

while we were doing the stocksale at designcenter de winkelhaak it was

snowing cherryblossoms in the garden.

hui-hui sale was fun. thanks for everybody who passed by. and who didnt can still pass by at the homesale

in antwerp.


   Xanax American Express

* Buy Xanax Dubai   

yui aoi is a japanese actress with a drop-dead gorgeous smile, we think she fits in hui-hui realy very good!
we found these pictures on the blog of Xanax 2Mg Bars Online the creator of Where To Buy Alprazolam Online


   Xanax Brand Online

* Buy Pfizer Xanax 2Mg   

served by  eva balg with her label Alprazolam Mastercard!

originally from germany eva studied in the antwerp royal academy.

she still lives there  with a view on the giraffes of the antwerp  zoo.

we did a mini interview with her:

1. where does the name of your label comes from?

friends sprayed it on a car once, i just stole it…

3. favorite icecream flavour:

pistache and chocolate

4. can you give us a hint about the new collection?

it will be a collaboration with Order Alprazolam From Mexico and a part of the profit will go to the orang-oetan- foundation

5. your song/ sound of the moment?

rude boy by rihanna

this looks like a tasty coupe, its the recent Buy Xanax France.

the designer  eva in front of her  painting collection.

our favourite sexy-tee and kid vanilla assistant sylvia. strawberry  gummis and print mix.

kid vanilla will  take part with the stocksales.

a homesale on the 22nd and  24th and 25th of april at the Xanax Mail Order Uk.


   Buy Xanax Brand Name

* Order Brand Name Xanax Online   

together with a bunch of  Antwerp designers designers we will

invade Xanax Online Sweden, close to the central station.

there will also be an exhibition by camper shoes, designed by amongst others:

véronique branquinho, bernhard willhelm and maria blaisse.

Alprazolam Bula Anvisa hosts a stocksale as well and the neighboring restaurant Buying Xanax From Canada Online

serves a special fashionfarm- dinner.

contact us to get a free invitation

dates: 24th-25th of april 12-20h


   Buy Original Xanax Online

* Buying Alprazolam In India   

with Order Xanax From Canada.

anne i got some more from her  purple book, #13 : Pussy

and this is for everybody who speaks russsian…


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* India Xanax Buy   


   Yellow Xanax Bars Online

* Xanax Bars For Sale Online   

family celebration this weekend.

look what we found at our grandmas…

her thimbles. in german we call it it fingerhats.


   Alprazolam Uk Buy

* Buying Xanax Online Cheapest   

Buying Xanax Online Canada is visiting hamburg for a short sales- performance of spring/ summer  items!
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* Alprazolam Online Purchase   

Order Xanax Online In Usa is the name of the website where hui-hui is contributing since beginning

of march. side by side with friends from tokyo, antwerp and london.

most of the posts from our blog will be published there but we try to keep it interesting to follow

us on both sites…


   Xanax Brand Name Online

* Buying Xanax Online Cheap   

We met them back in paris, but katharina knows the designers already

from berlin.

Xanax Online India create their own weaving in beautiful sandy colours, wearable draping and

great knitwear.


   Alprazolam Borderline

* Steroids Xanax Buy   

yesterday was the opening of the new exhibition : zwart/ black at the fashionmuseum in antwerp.

the presentation is very graphical , clean black and white.

giving a good background for all the black silouets  of various designers.

big names as comme des garçons and Xanax Order Overnight, Can You Buy Xanax On Silk Road but also a piece of Xanax Order Online Legal s beautiful dark collection,outfits of Cheap 2Mg Xanax Online , How To Buy Xanax Pills and historical pieces of theBest Site To Order Xanax Onlinestock.

its definitely worth passing by to have a look. the uniform colours provide such a good focus for patternwork and textiles .

Buy Discount Xanax Online gave a party afterwards in the café, dresscode black with mysterious nearly black cocktails.


   Can You Buy Xanax From Canada

Mexico Xanax Buy Online
Cheapest Alprazolam Online