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Am 22. April 2013 von die3 | blog/

cheaper : next week in antwerp at the contemporary fashiondays, which is a long word for
what can be a long queue.
we take part as well, in a last minute action, thanks to christian wijnants and fabulous Luz Nabu.

anywhere you are with the brand-new online store for  reason and beauty by atelier-solarshop.
all photos by mieke

flyerA5wallet at atelier solarshophui scarf at atelier solarshop














serve me at atelier solarshop

cups by katha



2 Responses to “get yours”

  1. Kommentar von: helena

    was already wondering… i need more hui-hui

  2. Kommentar von: emily

    I´m on my way! great!

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