best: berlin

Am 5. December 2012 von die3 | blog/ hungry

poor but sexy well, maybe a little too cold to be hot, this time, but we did enjoy the
strechted weekend there.
allways great to get back together before the tough time of the deadlines starts.

we would love to give a glimpse on the design-process, but that secret we´ll keep until next.
so here some shots of our other pleasures.



3 Responses to “best: berlin”

  1. Kommentar von: jessie

    wenn ich das gewusst hätte…
    und ja es war saukalt.

    hug, jessie

  2. Kommentar von: sarah

    love it!

  3. Kommentar von: laura li

    love your style.
    show me more pleeeeaaaase!

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