»HIBERNATION« winter 2010/11

Am 9. May 2010 von die3 | collections/

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  1. Kommentar von: Henrieke Ribbe

    Where can i order the silktuch? How much is it? its soooo pretty!

  2. Kommentar von: die3

    Dear Henrieke,

    thank you! happy that you like it
    see shoplist at: http://hui-hui.de/stores/
    for scarfs from previous collections contact die3@hui-hui.de

  3. Kommentar von: Julia Lucas

    Hej togehter,
    I’m very interessted in buying a silkscarf (with flowers) an the all over-flowerd pullover/blouse (with the zipper in the front) from the new autumn-winter collection. Unfurtuntley all the given webadresses – apart from “konk” from Berlin (which doesn’t have an online shop) – doesn’t work right now. So can I buy the items online? Please let me know – thanks a lot.
    Best regards,

  4. Kommentar von: die3

    hello Julia,

    unfortunately our webshop is not open yet, but we are actually working on it.
    so far the only webshop selling us is http://www.lightvisionstore.com/
    more info via mail.

    best, Johanna

  5. Kommentar von: anna

    what lovely work!

  6. Kommentar von: Jade

    Hallo Hui-Hui!

    Where can I find the blouse that looks silk with what appears to be watercolor painted plaid? It’s in the picture with the 3 ladies standing, close-up.



  7. Kommentar von: Miss Moss : Hui-Hui: Hibernation

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