daniel sannwald book

Am 21. December 2009 von die3 | foto

our good friend german photographer daniel sannwald has his

first book printed. it will be out beginning of 2010 with a broad overview of  his

works. One spread and the cover to get curious and three questions to the photographer:

daniel sannwald book, hui!

Picture 24

1. the best thing that happened to you in 2009

2. how does it feel holding your first book in your hands?

its a very nice feeling as i am used to working with magazines and the fact that everything is produced for a moment or an issue – it´s great to have something now captured in a different timescale.
3. your favorite picture of the month.

sannwalds favorite picture at the moment

thank you daniel!

see more at http://danielsannwald.com

read more at http://dazeddigital.com/Photography/article/6130/1/Daniel_Sannwald_Book

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